Having extra range on your 4×4 can make all the difference.
The difference between making your destination at all,making a deviation,or just saving on buying the most expensive fuel.
A long range fuel tank can assist in this area.
A replacement fuel tank or an auxillary fuel tank is an option for most 4wds.

ARB distribute both the ARB Frontier Fuel Tanks and the Long Ranger Fuel Tanks

ARB Frontier tanks are injection moulded using a cross linked polymer which makes it much lighter than steel tanks and exceptional strength qualities.Each tank is approx 7-9mm thick and generally utilises the o/e strap mounts to secure the tank.


Out Of Town manufacture The Long Ranger fuel tanks.
The Long Ranger fuel tanks are made from 2mm aluminised steel.
The Long Ranger Fuel tanks do not significantly affect ground clearance,an important feature off road

Long Ranger also offer some Fuel and water Tank combinations

Long Range Fuel Tanks