Having extra range on your 4×4 can make all the difference.
The difference between making your destination at all,making a deviation,or just saving on buying the most expensive fuel.
A long range fuel tank can assist in this area.
A replacement fuel tank or an auxillary fuel tank is an option for most 4wds.
Out Of Town manufacture The Long Ranger fuel tanks.
The Long Ranger fuel tanks are made from 2mm aluminised steel.
The Long Ranger Fuel tanks do not significantly affect ground clearance,an important feature off road

Some of there key features are
1)Maxfold,a feature of manufacturing whereby the tank base from one side to the other is made from one sheet.
This reduces the amount of welds thus lowering possible stress points.
2)Leading Edge Deflection Angle.
This is where the front bottom section of the tank is tapered to reduce being caught and or damaged off road.
2)Protected Drain Outlet.
3)Interior magnets to capture any metal contaminents
4)Partial honeycombing of baffles to reduce fuel slosh whilst reducing baffle fatigue
5)Hydrostatic Pressure Test
This is where all tanks are pressurised under water to guard against leakage.

Long Range Fuel Tanks