Some vehicle interiors have no position for standard size UHF radios. GME Electrophone have a range of radios including one with a small remote control panel making it easy to fit just about anywhere. 4WDs often require a particular type of Antenna. Although not the best position for operation, an Bull Bar mounted antenna is often the most practical. But this poses new considerations, many 4WD’s have independent front suspension which experiences greater vibrations on the Bull Bar. So antenna’s with wire tops can snap off more readily. Hollow antenna’s over 1.5 metres can be more easily damaged on trees, and building structures back home. Heavy duty spring bases are vital and selection of high gain or low gain antenna’s will optimise performance in either flat or hilly terrain. GME also have a handheld UHF radios in both 5 watt and 1 watt models. These are ideal for users who need to take their UHF from one vehicle to another or into a dinghy or to be carried personally.

GME UHF Radios 1
GME UHF Radios 3